Joris Coulomb – Welcome to Shadow Conspiracy Pro Team

After putting in his time as an AM for a year or two, Shadow Conspiracy has announced that they have bumped Joris Coulomb to the Pro team. This comes just days after being bumped to Pro for Subrosa, looks like this will be a good year for Joris. Here’s what Shadow had to say about it:

“Another new addition to the already STACKED Shadow Pro Team comes way of French shredder and über nice guy Joris Coulomb. Joris first came to our attention during the original Bakery contest in Chicago, IL where his insane tire riding skills and incredible personality were on display. From that day on, Joris has rocked the Shadow name and pushed himself as a rider and a friend to the utmost level. We couldn't be more proud to have him a part of our family and as a part of our Pro Team. Congrats Joco, you deserve it!”