Jeremie Infelise Leaves Hoffman Bikes

Following Caleb Quanbeck’s departure comes the resignation of Jeremie Infelise as team manager and rider for Hoffman Bikes:

I would like to inform you that starting immediately I have resigned my position at Hoffman Bikes as a rider and TM. Mat is starting a new chapter for HB which I do not feel is where I want to be in BMX. Thanks to everyone who has helped out in any way over the past few year. I really appreciate it.

Mat Hoffman himself chimed in on the situation and had the following to say after praising Infelise’s hard work as TM by saying, “HB has some great things happening on the horizon. I’m excited to work closely with the team and to make 2013 and beyond progressive.”

Hoffman as a company has certainly strayed away from the classic feel of the brand in the past few years. When you take into consideration projects like the Condor reissue frame that came out in 2012 and Mat’s decision to take the brand in another direction, it hints at a plan to bring Hoffman back to being one of the brands at the forefront of the industry.