RIDE Update: 10-03-05

Fudger fills you in on NORA cup.

So it’s approximately 6:50am and I just missed the train to the Ride office. You see, I live about 50 miles from the office, down in Northern San Diego. Sometimes I make the drive, and other times I hop on the train (for a whopping $15) to avoid the drive and the rising gas prices. Apparently, a lot of other people felt the same way this morning and for the first time in over a year and a half of taking the train, the lot was completely (and I mean completely) packed. And, as my luck would have it, it also happens to be the first Monday of the month, which means this stupid truck comes up and down the street to clean the gutters followed by a little prick of a man who hands out $35 tickets for not moving your car. Spending $50 to ride the train today ain’t going to happen, so I’m sitting on my couch until Keith wakes up to see if I really have to come in today.

If I have a free day, then I hope to be riding/filming with Gary Young. He has to film for an upcoming Props interview and I have to film for the Ride office section in the next video, Livin’ In Exile. It’s been a few years since I’ve worried about filming anything, so it’s a bit stressful. I’ll probably just end up killing myself.

In no connection whatsoever, I have this photo of my own, Jim Bauer’s, and Morgan Wade’s Volkswagen GTIs sitting on the street outside some SD trails. In case you didn’t know, the GTI (and all its generations) is the unofficial car of BMX. Ralph Sinisi, Matt Lipott, George DosSantos, Jared Washington, and plenty more all sport one. They’re pretty much the best. Anyway, by mostly chance, we all ended cruising down to these trails together and then proceeded to do the scariest over/under trail switch I’ve ever been part of. I can’t even explain it, but it involved a wallride, two passes, and then two more passes. It was definitely shady and I’m surprised no one died.

 credit: Ryan Fudger

Interbike/NORA Cup have both wrapped up. I have to say that everything went well and it was probably the most pleasant convention I’ve worked yet. NORA went off; there must have been at least twice the people as last year and I didn’t hear a single complaint in the house. Actually, I take that back, Losey drunkenly complained about a Weezer song on the playlist, but I don’t know what he was listening to. I said I’d have photos up, though we’re saving a lot for the magazine, but here’s a sneak peak of what to see in the magazine:

 credit: Ryan Fudger

Scummy Jeff Z. He can’t even wait to get off the stage before hitting on the trophy girls.

 credit: Ryan Fudger

The Gonz was in full effect. I, on the other hand, was a full-on mess.

 credit: Ryan Fudger

The roomm.

 credit: Ryan Fudger

The happiest guys in the room.

By the way, the results were as follows:

Number One Racer: Mike Day
Number One Ramp Rider: Morgan Wade
Number One Dirt Rider: Corey Bohan
Number One Street Rider: Cory Martinez
Number One Flatlander: Terry Adams
Best Video Part: Morgan Wade, Drop the Hammer

Happy ‘effin Monday!