Gary Nesbit Memorial Jam: October 15, 2007

Last Saturday, a few hours south of the Stephen Murray Jam, riders and friends came together to celebrate the life of California local Gary Nesbit.I say California since Gary grew up in the Bay Area, spending a lot of time at the OG San Jose Ramp Club back in the day before moving down to San Diego about eight years ago. I got to spend a lot of time with Gary, from picking his teeth up off the ground after a crazy fall at the old Mission Valley skatepark to getting dizzy after he hit me upside the head with a pillow when we lived together at the Hanford House. He really was a good friend to everyone he associated with and an even better rider, who will be greatly missed…RIP.

Gary Young pays homage…  credit: Ryan Fudger

Much in the way that he would have wanted, instead of mourning, friends and family came together to ride, share stories, and view a video of Gary living life. The goal is to turn this into a yearly event, the Savage Life Fest, so if you’re a friend of Gary’s, or just want an excuse to have a good time for the memory of another rider, come out next year.

At the memorial, Gary’s good friend Lee Gilmore had a moving poem that I thought would be beneficial to share:

“Before I set my foot upon this soil I reach to those whom have shown me truth. To those whom have taught me patience, to those whom have experienced love and to those whom have shared their wisdom. When we know one who has touched so many, it is hard not to think of this person within each unique aspect of life. There has been, there is one, one whom has been there for me throughout my most influential years. One whom has taught me about myself and one whom has recognized the simple, peaceful beauties life offers. This man entered my life, my familie’s life, and has taught us all so much. Gary, you showed me how to move, how to flow with graceful elegance. You are one to emulate. From our twenty-inch bikes to the flow of a hip-hop dance floor, I have watched in awe. I always loved the way you moved, the way you spoke and the way you lived. Your strength is something to admire. You have ignited a never-ending fire within my soul. It burns for you, it burns for those I love. We will burn together throughout time, for we, for all of us here, and all of us not, have no end.

Thank you Gary.
You are truly a Savage!”

Adam Watkins, walltap.  credit: Ryan Fudger

The OG SoCal Savage.  credit: Ryan Fudger

Only to get bigger every year…  credit: Ryan Fudger

Nothing but good memories.  credit: Ryan Fudger