Flatland Forward: Girls Only Flatland Video Contest

This is awesome—girls only flatland video comp. Guaranteed to open some eyes. Here are all the details and how to register…

Press Release:

Flatland Forward is a BMX progression contest for GIRLS ONLY.  Entry is free. Prizes are awesome.

This contest is designed for girls at any skill level.  In fact you do not need to know any flatland tricks to enter and if you happen to learn some during the year you may win! This contest is not about your skill level, it is about your commitment to and passion for flatland, it’s about girl riders coming together and progressing together.

If you consider yourself a flatland rider there is no good reason to not enter!  If you just want to commit to learn one trick this year, submit it, learn it and you may win something for it!

Here’s the details.

To register, we will ask you what tricks you can already do, and what tricks you would like to learn this year.  At the end of the 2014 year (NOVEMBER 2014) riders will have two weeks to submit a video of their riding to the contest youtube channel.  Judges will be watching the videos to see if riders learned the tricks they submitted.  Judges will want to see if you have put effort into learning this year and if you are enjoying flatland.  The girl who they decide put the most effort and passion into her riding will win a 2014 flatland frame whether she is beginner, intermediate or expert class.

JUDGES are world known professionals in Flatland BMX.  They are, Effraim Catlow, Terry Adams and Alex Jumelin.  Do not be intimidated by those big names they chose to be apart of this because they support you riding!

PRIZE Packs include various flatland BMX parts and accessories from supporting companies.  Each rider is only eligible to win one prize pack.  Placings are as follows;

1st place will be pulled from any class with the highest progression/ambition score and will receive a brand new 2014 flatland frame.

A 1st and 2nd runner up from each class will receive BMX flatland specific parts.

Judges will award the following titles for minor prize packs

• Best (most difficult) Trick
• Most Original Rider
• Highest Variety
• Most potential

Registration closes November 20th 2013. To register, click here.