Final Results – 2007 Red Bull Elevation: July 1, 2007

Whistler Village was the place to be today as the 2007 Elevation finals went down and didn’t disappoint.With five runs (taking best three) to lay down all they had, twelve riders put on a show. Coming down to their last runs, Corey Bohan and Ryan Nyquist went head to head to battle for the win, and when all was said and done only .1 separated the two, with Nyquist coming out on top. Directly following the last runs, the best trick comp went down. James Foster topped everyone’s moves with a truckdriver-to-downside tailwhip. We’ll have more photos, details, and video up soon, so check back often.

1. Ryan Nyquist 92.1
2. Corey Bohan 92.0
3. Brian Foster 87.4
4. James Foster 87.2
5. Chris Doyle 86.9
6. TJ Ellis 86.6
7. Allan Cooke 86.0
8. Dane Searls 85.7
9. Gary Young 85.7
10. Dave Dillewaard 83.6
11. Mike “Hucker Clark 83.1
12. Adam Baker 81.6

Best Trick:
James Foster; truckdriver-to-downside tailwhip.

Ryan Nyquist’s runs were nuts—a borrowed bike, full commitment, and a dialed 720 on his way to victory.  credit: Keith Mulligan

Despite how good this turndown is, the photo alone does no justice how awesome Corey Bohan’s runs were.  credit: Keith Mulligan

On his way to third place, Brian Foster spins a table 360 for the massive Whistler crowd.  credit: Keith Mulligan