Epic Sport BMX & Skate Shop Hosts Barcelona Vacation

This is what the front of Epic looks like. Just wait until you see the inside.  credit: James Ayres

If you live in the Southern California area and have never been to Epic BMX & Skate, you’re missing out. This is hands-down one of the coolest shops I’ve ever been to. After meeting Dan and Chester Vu (Epic’s owners), and seeing its foosball table and 61 Sony TV, it’s not hard to see why Robbie chose this place to premiere Fit’s new video, Barcelona Vacation . The shop has a super-cool vibe to it and it’s as much a place to hang out as it is to buy quality parts. I showed up about an hour before the video was set to start, and after rolling into the parking lot, it was pretty obvious that this wasn’t going to be your ordinary bike shop video preview. When I showed up I found out that the Epic crew had invited Fox Sports’ 54321 TV show to come and check out the premiere, which was pretty cool. They were doing random interviews with Dan, Fit’s owner Robbie Morales, and even a few of the Pros who showed up, like Brian Foster and Josh Heino. Even the 411 video crew showed up (they were the ones who did the filming for the video). By the time the video was set to start, there were a ton of people around the TV, and even more were lined up from the inside of the shop all the way out its front door. Throw in the fact that Epic had ordered pizza that was free for the taking and I think it’s safe to say that everyone was pretty psyched.

Once the video started, guys were lined up in front of the TV, all through the shop, and out the front door. Check the 54321 guy filming on the left.  credit: James Ayres

So, how was the video? Good—really good. There are a ton of great parts, which you’ll have to see for yourself, but if I had to name the one section that stuck with me, it would be the gap that Mikey Aitken did over this concrete/brick wedge thing. All I can say is that it was BIG.

Check out the rest of the photos and see for yourself what the day was like, then make sure to put Barcelona Vacation down on your list of videos to buy and Epic on your list of shops to check out. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed.

These are the guys behind Epic. With a crew like this, how could it not be a cool shop?  credit: James Ayres

Check out the goods. Epic stocks a ton of quality stuff.  credit: James Ayres

This is what the shop looked like about an hour before the premiere. By the time Fit’s video came on, you could barely see the front door from here.  credit: James Ayres