Dennis Enarson Breaks Femur

Got word yesterday that Dennis Enarson broke his femur filming for the MarkitBMX video. I hit up Christian Rigal about the details and apparently Dennis was killing it throughout the day filming for a Markit park edit, but it went bad when he went to get theatrical for the DVD. Dennis wanted to double-truck a bowl transfer that Christian described as essentially a five-to-seven foot box jump step up transfer. He had already threee-whipped it and trucked it, but the double-truck left Dennis with a broken femur on the second attempt (he got away from the first attempt all right). Christian wasn’t sure if the break was from his leg getting caught in the bars, or just the sheer drop from the fall. Through it all, Dennis was super calm. Even cracking jokes to the park workers as the ambulance loaded him up.

Dennis had successful surgery this morning, on his 21st birthday. It’s unclear whether or not Dennis had a rod inserted into his leg (similar to what Jimmy Levan had), or if they just set it. Christian did say that the break was jagged, which is actually good since it gives the bone more area to fuse together (similar to a puzzle piece, I suppose). Dennis will be off his bike for three months at least, possibly up to six.

Tough to see Dennis take some hard falls lately, but he’s one of the most positive guys I’ve ever met, so he’ll be back to riding with a smile on his face in a blink. In the mean time, you can try to wish Dennis all your best on his Facebook page…just know that he rarely checks it.

Photo of the break courtesy of Dennis’ buddy, Josh Greenrose: