Demolition Wins Woodward West Team Shootout

Demolition took home the first place spot at the Team Shootout at Woodward West, winning a three way tiebreaker between SE and Haro, who took 2nd and 3rd respectively. Enjoy the edit again above.

The first BMX Shootout at Woodward West was a success! Our 6 participating BMX teams were Colony, Demolition, DK, Haro, Redline and SE Bikes. The videos were posted and within minutes were being shared through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. A huge thank you goes out to the riders and filmers for their time and dedication into creating these videos.

Here are the results:

We had a 3-way tie for 1st. The tiebreaker was decided by which team scored higher among the judges. Haro scored high among the judges but last in online voting which unfortunately, really hurt their overall result.

The winner of the first BMX Shootout contest goes to Demolition! Congratulations!

Here are the results.


1- Demolition (unanimous among the judges) $4,000

2- SE $3,000

3- Colony $2,000

4- DK $1,000

5 – Haro $500

6 – Redline

Special thanks to all of the teams, riders, filmers, team managers our judges; Brian Tunney, Will Stroud, Shawn Dorton, Justin Kosman, and Steve Swope.

So, what is the Shootout at Woodward West? It’s our very own video contest featuring several BMX teams. Each team had a week at Woodward West during summer camp 2012 to film their video and let you and our judges decide the winner.

Think these videos were awesome? We do too and we are excited to announce that the BMX Shootout contest will continue during summer camp 2013- see you there!