Dan’s Comp Team Video

Press Release:

“We are excited to announce that Dan's Comp has teamed up with legendary BMX videographer Stew Johnson for the production of the first full length DVD for the Dan's Comp team.  Filming is underway already with the first round of team riders including Stevie Churchill, Tony Neyer, Raul Ruiz, Ben Hucke and Trey Jones, with an end date of mid-2013 to have it all wrapped up.  Look for web edits and updates along the way.” —Dan’s Comp

"It's an honor for me to be given this opportunity to work with one of the largest and most talented teams in BMX. I look forward to spending time on the road with some old friends as well as getting to know some of the younger guys on the Dan's Comp team, this should be a pretty wild project."—Stew Johnson

For more photos and info go to the Dan's360 site here.

Tony and the boys puttin' in work...