Chenga 57 Ramps For Sale

There are some big changes going on over at the Chenga parks. Chenga 57 in Lorain will be closing down and the ramps are being put up for sale. Want to start a park? Now might be the time to gets some premium ramps at a good cost. Scott Powell breaks it down…

"Fifteen years ago, two flatlanders created and opened Chenga World Skate Park so that they could continue their personal riding throughout the long Ohio winters. Over the years Chenga grew and expanded, eventually becoming two separate parks. While my partner stopped riding, I (Scott Powell) continued riding progressively. I not only continued to ride professionally, but began taking on other business endeavors outside of the Chenga parks. As these businesses also grew, the immense consumption of time and weight of the overall parks began to wear on me.

At this point in time, we have decided to "cut" and "thin" the Chenga parks from two to one. With Chenga 2 (Brook Park) containing the private flatland room, we have decided to eventually—no date set—close the Chenga 57 (Lorain) location. We will be selling off the ramps (wood) and other essentials of the park.

If you have always wanted your own skate park, and have the location and money to start a park, then this might be the golden opportunity you have been waiting for. Serious inquiries contact us at: [email protected]

Chenga Management

Chenga World 57.