Chad Bautista Fundraiser

I’ve met Chad a couple times over the years and he’s always been real cool, so stuff like this is always a little wrenching. But, Chad took a bad fall resulting in a broken leg. Like a lot of riders, Chad doesn’t have health insurance and is now being denied surgery even with the looming possibility of losing his foot. Friends have started a fundraiser (and a local jam) to help Chad out. If you have a few extra dollars or are willing to skip a night out at the bars, that $30 bucks could go a long way…

Click here or the image below to help Chad.


“Chad Bautista injured himself doing what he loves, bike riding. Since an early age he was always on his bike; at the age of three he took off his own training wheels and his family caught him riding around the backyard by himself. Anyone that knows Chad can see how much he was meant for bmx and his true love and passion for it.

He broke his tibia and fibula and shattered his ankle. He has had one surgery so far and will need reconstructive surgery that will be to the sum of $75,000.00 due to the need of a specialist at Stanford Hospital.

He has been denied medical assistance because the surgery is too expensive. He has also be denied a payment plan and if he does not get his surgery he could be without use of that foot and unable to do the sport he loves again.

Please help us get Chad's medical bills paid so that he can be on the mend and recover.

Any little bit would help, thank you for all your support during this time.”


There’s also a jam going down if you’re local…