Brian Kachinsky Joins Primo

Kachinsky is now rolling on Primo wheels. Photo: Timothy Burkhart

Brian Kachinsky is now riding for Primo wheels.  I personally know that both the team and Brian are super psyched on this–read his statement about the situation below.

I'm very proud to announce that I am now a part of the Primo family. I'm excited to be a part of a brand that's been around since before I started riding BMX. Primo was one of the first companies to ever give me parts back in 2001. I remember getting a box of stuff sent to Woodward camp back in 2001. The box was addressed to both me and Taj Mihelich. I never dreamed my name would be next to a legend's name and immediately felt as if I was in the presence of greatness.  

Fast forward to 2013. I received  a call late one night from Tony Neyer and a couple other Primo guys. Amidst the chaotic phone call Tony said "you should ride Primo wheels!" I of course was flattered and honored. I few days later I spoke to Primo's Director of Operations, John Richard and we worked out a deal. I'm really stoked to be rolling into 2013 on a fresh set of Primo wheels. Let the fun begin!

From Primo’s John Richard:

We are so stoked to add such a respected rider to our family. Brian running Primo wheels makes sense. Most reliable wheels in the game. Its going to be a crazy year with a team as stacked as ours. Watch for new products dropping, trip coverage, events and more this year. By now everyone has heard Primo is making big moves and is giving back to BMX. But the most important thing to me is supporting athletes. Some of the TM’s in the past have had different strategies and some moves have been made that I would have done different (like Foster getting cut) but I feel we are on the right track now. Letting the riders do the talking for the brand is the best strategy. We look forward to working with Brian and DK and are so excited to have him as part of the Tip Plus & Primo family!