BMX Direct’s Ghetto Jam in South Africa: November 12, 2007

Too many BMX contests (in South Africa) have become stale, overdone replays of the same old thing for too long…riders are tired of the ‘same old same old’ and the judges are just the same- ‘same-old same-old’. Time for a change! Truckloads of pallets, scrap wood, bikes, friends and good times is what the Ghetto Jam weekend is all about. On the Friday morning before the Jam you can show up and help construct whatever Ghetto ramp setup you want build to add to the existing skate park. Grab a hammer, pallet and some nails- and a buddy and you on your way. You know it’s gotta be fun building something you want to ride with your mates the day before a stress free, mellow-style Jam contest. As for the event itself riders are judged by the riders who enter; Am’s choose the Pro’s who they think stood out and Pro’s choose the Am’s who they think should be winners. You know it’s going to be loads of fun, killer riding and good times for all. See video’s, gallery and more from last years Ghetto Jam here:

Event name: BMX Direct – Ghetto Jam – Durban, South Africa
Event location: Durban Beach Front Concrete Park, Durban, South Africa

Start: Saturday December 15, 2007
End: Sunday December 16, 2007

Contact info:
Schogn Lee

Email: [email protected]