Athlete Recovery Fund Now Offering Travel Deals

We are excited to announce the addition of a new fun raising program for Athlete Recovery Fund. ARF now has its own little Expedia®! This is a full featured travel website private labeled with the ARF name and logo. Go check it out! You can find it at:

How it works: Every time travel is arranged through an online travel website, travel companies pay commissions for your reservation. When travel is booked on our new website, ARF will receive 60% of these commissions paid as royalties!

This is an exciting program that is available to anyone! You can visit the website, book personal travel and ARF will receive our share of the commissions without you having to pay anything extra! Everyone in the Action Sports community needs to take advantage of the program to maximize the funding possibilities.  Recommend the site to all your friends and family and remember all the commission from the travel booking goes to ARF!

Website Features
If you are familiar with booking travel online, you shouldn't have any trouble navigating the new website. The site functions in a similar manner to other travel websites such as Expedia® and Orbitz®. Some of the key features you will find on the website include:
•    Air, hotel, car rental search and booking features
•    Vacation Packages
•    Cruise Packages
•    Ordering Event and sport tickets

Website Address:
Please bookmark this URL.

Group Travel
In addition to the travel website, we also have group travel services provided to us through this program. This will allow us to book specially built group travel packages for additional fundraising. As with the website, all group travel arranged through this program will pay commissions back to ARF.

If you have any questions about this new travel program, please contact ([email protected])

Please help to make this exciting new program a success!
Book all travel at: