Accelerate BMX Movie Now Titled “Heroes of Dirt”

Directly from the fingertips of Heroes of Dirt Producer Eric Bugbee:

I just wanted to send over the link for the new official trailer for our movie “Heroes of Dirt.” We changed the name from our working title of Accelerate, so that it’s more focused to the theme of the movie – and more BMX.

I also wanted to drop a line to explain why this project has taken so long to get off the ground. First off, we had a tiny budget. Tiny… in fact it was so small that we blew through that well over a year ago. My wife an I have been funding the rest of it (about 1/3 the total cost) out of personal finances – not advisable, but definitely necessary. This project is far too important to so many people to let it fall apart over money. But we’re now at the point where we have to raise some additional funding to pay for the sound edit, MPAA rating and a handful of other things in order to get it ready for release this fall. We’ll be launching a campaign sometime next week to get those finishing funds through the door. I’ll be sure to let you know when that drops.

A lot of people in the BMX community have the impression that this is a “Hollywood” movie that’s trying to exploit BMX – and therefore isn’t legit. That’s the wrong idea. This movie was produced and put together by a tiny core of independent filmmakers, many of whom have been actively riding BMX for decades – primarily trails. I’m included in that. When I was in film school at Penn State, I wanted to be the guy to produce the next great riding movie for the big screen – that was around 15 years ago. I’m stoked that I finally got to do it, and that all my bros from way back in the day were able to be a part of it, either as riders or film crew. This one has been a labor of love on many different levels.

As the director and primary screenwriter, my goal was to create an awesome BMX action movie that not only has sweet riding, but a real story line that isn’t predictable. We did a test screening last November of our rough cut and caught a lot of people by surprise. It was a success based on the feedback sheets everyone in the audience filled out.

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