A Wicked Ride (New England BMX Documentary), Kickstarter Fund

The grass roots of New England BMX Freestyle. Curb endos and backyard ramps led to world championships and an unforgettable 80s scene.

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The 1980s brought about a new wave of ideas, music and sports.  BMX was an alternative to traditional sports to groups of kids in New England.  It was freedom, it was individual and it was theirs to innovate and shape along with other kids around the world.  New England had a very unique community of riders that brought forward some of the sports most influential tricks and shaped the competition scene for the world to emulate and improve upon.  This story is about the grass roots of the sport in New England and the cool community of riders and friends that are as strong as they were 25 + years ago.  It was a wicked ride, and a ride that just never ends.

We have completed a great deal of the production and funded it 100% out of our pockets.  Our list of people interviewed will be over 40 by the time we are done, along with literally hundreds of hours of VHS tape digitized and reviewed.  This is a labor of love by the producers, writers and riders that are coming together to make this story come to life.  The community of people involved has rallied together in much the same way we did when the the sport was in its infancy.  We bootstrapped our resources, found a way around the seemingly impossible and just made this happen.  The money we are raising will get us to the finish line and allow us to expand our production quality.

If you love BMX, this is a story that we hope will strike a chord in your soul about the feeling of being a BMX kid in the 1980s.  It was a fraternity like no other and a sport that brought out the best in some kids that could not find their podium in other “stick and ball” type sports.  A Wicked Ride is based in New England, but it is a story that rings true for all people with a love of BMX and Freestyle.

There are so many people to thank, but I’d like to provide a few photo credits to Windy Osborn (windyosborn.com), Woody Itson, and Jared Souney for the shots used here on the campaign.  To everyone that shared VHS, photos and stories, you rock as well.

We hope you will help us exceed our funding goal.  Funding this project is a great way to get your copy of the movie pre-ordered and follow along with the progress as we lead up to the release date in the Spring of 2013.

Thanks for your support and lets keep those Tioga Comp tires rolling.

– Scott Moroney, Jeff Winston and Dennis Langlais