TransWorld RideBMX

July / August 2015

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About the Mag

TransWorld Ride BMX covers the core sport, lifestyle, and culture of BMX freestyle. Ride BMX features top pro interviews, entertaining road trip stories, awesome photography, the latest and craziest BMX tricks, new products, news and lots more. Ride BMX is published nine times annually with combined monthly issues Jan/Feb, March/April, May/June and monthly issues July - December.

In This Issue

Features: The Broc Raiford Interview, Man On A Roof: The Deadman Art Of Riding Roofs, Ryan Howard Interview, Riding Lines: Demarcus Paul & The San Diego Trolley System, Dan Kruk AM Spotlight.

Plus: Erik Elstran, Zack Gerber, Kriss Kyle, and WeThePeople Reason and Fit Dugan 2 complete spotlights.

On The Cover: A grip of riders known for their hops have talked about jumping this well known gap in downtown Long Beach, and Broc Raiford was the one to finally get it done one windy Wednesday afternoon.

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