What’s Inside RideBMX Issue 193 – September 2013

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Our September 2013 issue of RideBMX  features a ghostly adventure with the Volume team through the Arizona desert, Stolen shredding the streets of Canada, Red Bull Ride & Seek motorcycle journey through the Southeast, Pat Casey, Coco Zurita, and more.

On The Cover:
This abandoned and half-collapsed building in the middle of the desert is without a doubt the most bizarre looking spot Broc Raiford has ever kicked a hop whip. Photo: Jeff Zielinksi

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– Departments –

Gary Young and his best buddy and Ride photographer, Ryan Fudger, make the most of a rad spot that is probably gone by now, but damn, did they get an awesome photo.

Up Front
Turbulent times in the BMX industry with sponsor changes, injuries, and more.

Pro Q&A: Pat Casey
Did you know Pat had a wild side? Apparently France does.

First comes the products, then the bike, then the fun… so start here.

Soft Goods
If you’re going to wear clothes, you might as well rock some gear from your favorite BMX brands shown here.

This month we bring you a shapes themed photo section—lots of sick lookin’ spots in this one.

If you don’t literally LOL while reading some of Ryan Fudger’s answers then you’re hopeless.

Bio: Mike Swift
Philly legend, Paul Horan wrote Mike’s intro, so it’s safe to assume the dude shreds and he’s not a kook—and his riding shot is no joke, either.

Finish: Coco Zurita
Here’s your chance to learn more about the guy who everyone likes to watch ride a vert ramp.

– Features –

Ghost Town Fools
After a little research, spot finder Drew Hosselton masterminded a trip through the Arizona desert to various ghost towns and he invited his fellow Volume teammates Broc Raiford, Eric Bahlman, Mike Mastroni, and Alex Raban along for the ride.

Stolen in Canada
Stolen’s Morgan Long, Kurt Russell, Jackson Ratima, Bertie Buck, Pipe Williams, and Sean Morr, get to experience two amazing and contrasting Canadian cities—Toronto and Montreal.

Redbull Ride & Seek
Garrett Reynolds, Tony Neyer, and Corey Martinez strap their BMXcycles to their motorcycles and hit some windy backroads in the Southeast in search of spots and campgrounds. Bonus; Brian Kachinsky and Van Homan met up with them somewhere along the way—imagine the pain a crew like that brought to every spot they hit.

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