What’s Inside Ride BMX Issue 187 – December 2012

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This month's issue of Ride BMX features the Haro team in Japan, interviews with the 2012 NORA Cup winners Garrett Reynolds, Drew Bezanson, Mike “Hucker” Clark, Dave Thompson, Sam Willoughby, Yohei Uchino, the Killjoy crew, Twisting Throttles motorcycle trip , as well as Zack Warden, Drew Hosselton, and more…

On The Cover:
How many riders can say they have flipwhipped over a pink Japanese nipple? Probably only Dennis Enarson. Photo: Ryan Fudger

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– Departments –

First Words
With all the work that goes into NORA Cup and the significance the award carries, it’s no wonder Keith dedicated this month’s First Words to it. 

A BMX pool guru gets down in a permission pool that belongs to a legendary dirt jumper.

Up Front
Sponsor Block, Injured List, and Fine Print… a very respected person in BMX once said that in regards to BMX, he doesn’t always believe what he reads until he reads it here.

Pro Q&A: Zach Warden
When it comes to bike riding, he does it all, and he does it well. And when it comes to answering your questions, he’s pretty damn good at that too.

Without these, your bike won’t go together properly.

Soft Goods
Without these, you’ll be naked.

Dean Dickinson’s pool book You Won’t:100 Pools Ridden By Dean Dickinson, and the following DVDs: Shitluck’s Love It Or Leave It, Australia’s Deprae Films Still Bleeding Black & Blue, Deluxe BMX Part Deux, and the Hunt’s Gold Rush are all summarized here.

Pro Shop: Mr. Bikes-N-Boards
This is Chad Degroot’s bike shop, so you already know it’s awesome.

All of these are quite literally, in focus.

Bio: Nick Bott
This Philly area shredder’s time to shine has come.

Ryan Fudger answers some of the best questions/letters Ride has received in quite some time.

Finish: Drew Hosselton
When not doing handrails down stairs-to-gap wallrides you’ll probably find Drew cooking or gardening.

– Features –

2012 NORA Cup Awards
Two things that Garrett Reynolds, Drew Bezanson, Mike “Hucker” Clark, Dave Thompson, Sam Willoughby, Yohei Uchino, and Killjoy’s Shawn “Elf” Walters and Jordan Utley all have in common is that they killed it this year and they’re all proud owners of 2012 NORA Cups.

Twisting Throttles
“A fast and furious ride from Seattle to South Dakota on two-wheeled freedom machines.” Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Chad Kagy does the shredding and Keith Mulligan captures it all on black and white film.

Haro In Japan
With a crew like Dennis Enarson, Ryan Nyquist, Pat Casey, Cory Nastazio, Colin Mackay, Ronnie Napolitan, Dennis McCoy, and Seth Klinger, you can have a great time anywhere—especially in Japan.

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