Wednesday Product Roundup: July 11th-18th

Verde’s Neutra Sprocket
What more can you say about a sprocket? It’s not too hard to get these things right these days so if you’re into the design and sizes, give this one a look–Verde’s new Neutra sprocket:

Verde Neutra sprockets are now shipping out from our distributors. The Neutra sprocket is CNC machined from 7075 aluminum in either 25 or 27-tooth sizes. Choose from black, blaqua, or red. Hit up your local shop or favorite mail order for details soon.

Fit’s Trans Red Van Homan Frame
Van Homan’s frame is a nod to more traditional and logical frame geometry, weight, and strength. Oh yeah, it also now comes in this dope Trans Red color–Fit has been killing it lately with these colors they’ve got going on.

Even though our Team Captain’s on the bench for a minute afterbreaking his leg last week,  Van’s still calling plays… this time it’s bringing his VH3 frameout in Trans Red. Heal up Homan!

United’s Supreme Parts Kit
I’m stoked companies (well, at least United) are starting to do this again–parts kits. The Supreme parts kit is a good way to come up on a great selection of parts at a less expensive, but no less quality expense:

Combine the United Supreme parts kit with your frame of choice, and what you end up with is a custom personal ride using our highest end parts package. These are the products you will find used on our SU3 complete, and all benefit from our constant strive for perfection with complete bike components. Left/right switchable cassette hub of the finest quality, 8.65" x 28.5" 100% 4130 cromo bars, 48 spline L/R/ heat treated cromo cranks, United full CNC machined top load stem, Cinema 777 rims, Eclat Slash pedals, a fat padded microfibre pivotal seat attached to a nylon pivotal post, 2.3" 100psi United direct tyres, the list is endless.

Animal’s Kill Em All Hats/Tees

I’m really digging this line of shirts and hats from Animal. Not only do they look good, they’re keeping it (decently) local by keeping production fresh via Quintin Co. in Los Angeles. Two companies committed to BMX coming together to do something dope–can’t beat that. Check it out above.

Fiend’s JJ Palmere Signature Seat
JJ Palmere’s signature Pivotal seat from Fiend is right along the lines of the company’s direction–no bullshit, solid, and functional. This “Fat Capital” design is covered in denim and looks damn good if you ask us–oh yeah, it became available this week as well. Don’t forget to check out JJ’s bike check we dropped with him yesterday to hear a little bit more about it.


The Navi Handle
There’s been a ton of hype around this thing on the internet the past six or so months since word got out about it–Ryan Navazio’s Navi Handle. Designed by fellow rider Dominic Biro, The Navi Handle is a unique design along the lines of the ever popular Jason Hernandez handle, but with some Navaz improvements. A Canon exposure/record control sits on the top of a sleeker handle/baseplate design and I’m into the all metal construction overall. The cold shoe idea across the front is an awesome idea as well if you ask me–you’re really only limited to space rather that dedicated cold shoes like other handles feature. Availability is said to be in Mid-August, so keep an ear to the ground for exact dates.

Demolition’s Keystone V2 Stem
Chris Doyle was notorious for ages for never changing out the stem and other assorted parts on is bike, so it was a bit of a shock to see the second version of his Demolition stem be announced this week. The main differences between version one and version two include a shorter reach and lower stack height. Much like the first, this is a back to basics, six bolt style stem that is more than likely a part you’ll put on and never have to maintain.

Shawn McIntosh Mac Pedals from Fit
Shawn McIntosh takes a sensible approach to part design when it comes to his signature products. His frame is more traditional (with some modern geometry), his bars are straight gauge and duh, his pedals are metal. These aren’t just your every day, normal, flat pedal though–check out our One Hot Product below to hear all the details that went into the design.

BSD/Reed Stark’s Giraffic Bar
Reed is a tall dude that needs a big bar and also drops hammers at will (or so it seems). He put a ton of effort into his Giraffic Bar promo and it’s well worth a look:

The Giraffic bars are Reed Starks signature bar and at 9" tall are even higher than our popular Highlander bars.  The Giraffic bars are made from multi-butted, post weld heat treated 4130 for maximum strength to weight ratio. 

Tree’s new Fat Ergo seat is in the stages of development and will be available around Christmas–until then, check the video above of owner Sam Schulte talking about the design process behind the whole thing!

After we managed to make the average slim seat more comfortable with the slim version of the Ergo seat, we thought we would fatten it up to make it a better seat with fatter foam for everyone out there who needs it for no handers, bar spins, or just sitting on it. The process was more involved than just scaling up the idea to get it right. We hand shaped this seat to be the most comfortable seat out there for street ramp or whatever you want. The seat will be available around Christmas, so keep an eye out for the final look at the production version in action!