Video: Tanner Easterla Loves Fat Chicks

A video title that only a good friend could get away with. I know nothing of Tanner’s love of women, but I did get to witness a few of the clips in this in person and the dude is a damn beast. Sit back and relax, because it’s about to be three minutes of wildness…

Video by Matt Freiheit

“Just a couple weekends of casual filming and shredding with Tanner. We did a little bit of traveling and covered spots everywhere from his local spots in Sacramento, the greater Bay Area and down to LA. Somewhere in between drinking an unhealthy amount of coors light and cruising some new territory we managed to film Tanner grinding a whole bunch of stuff. A lot of these clips happened within one or two tries and I’ve told him multiple times that he should take more tries to film things so he doesn’t seem like an asshole. Tanner also may or may not love fat chicks and has decided from now on he will only ride his bike if Juicy J is playing.”