Van Homan: Rider Down

Van throws a no-footed can-can out of the bowl at Kona while the BMX paparazzis look on. Photo: Losey

Van Homan separated his shoulder at the AC joint this past Monday. “I was doing some gap and just flipped over,” Van said. Van went to the emergency room and was told that it was just a bruise. The next day he went to his family doctor who told him that it was a second degree separation of the AC joint and referred him to a specialist. After looking at Van’s shoulder the specialist determined that it was actually a third degree separation of the joint. “I guess that means you can’t trust doctors,” remarked Van.

Van has to stay off of his bike for four-to-six weeks while his shoulder recovers. This will give him time to redesign the stickers for his signature frame, the Schwinn “Mean Street.” It turns out that Van Halen wasn’t too happy with the similarities between Van’s signature decals and the Van Halen logo, so the band’s lawyers issued a cease and desist order to Schwinn.