Toronto BMX Jam 2013 Results

Salyers dominated the course with big, versatile moves and awesome flow. Photo: Brady

Toronto BMX Jam 2013 is all said and done at at the end of the day, it was Glenn Salyers that came out on top of the pro class, with Michael Varga and Daniel Sandoval placing second and third behind him respectively. Salyers easily had the best flow throughout the course over the weekend, hitting and tricking everything from the box jumps and spine to lesser sessioned obstacles like the curved bowl corner rail and the subrail. Pairing unique tricks like a peacock over the spine with big spin and whip combos over the box jump showed his versatility and the judges rewarded him accordingly. Varga had some insane runs that really maximized the trick count, but it wasn’t enough for Salyers’ all across the board assault on the course.

Similar to Varga, Daniel Sandoval managed to pull off some of his insane moves, but unfortunately also lacked the flow across the course for a higher spot. However, Sandoval’s big moves and style of riding played very well into the best trick contest that happened after the event, with Daniel starting the contest off by pulling a Twix (barspin/tailwhip at the same time) over the box jump at the start of the contest and pretty much sealing the deal from the beginning. Other highlights included a cash roll dedicated to Brett, and a caveman drop into the spine from the rafters pulled by Zane Bradley.

Big shouts to Michael Heaton and Al of the Toronto Parks and Recreation department for putting together another awesome event, and a huge thanks to Darryl Nau for keeping the excitement and energy up throughout the weekend on the mic. See you in 2014 Toronto!

Keep an eye on for a full highlights reel from the event. 

Pro Finals
1. Glenn Salyers
2. Michal Varga
3. Daniel Sandoval
4. Ben Eylander
5. Nathan Lord
6. Brandon Webster
7. Dylan Sheinberg
8. Nick Bruce
9. Joel Marchand
10. Darcy Peters
11. Tyler Halvorsen
12. Mike Fede
13. Mike Gray
14. Matt Ray
15. Jeremy Joyce
16. Joel Bondu
17. Trent Newkirk
18. Zane Bradley
19. Toshio Takagi
20. Eric Trombley
21. Chris Chamberlain
22. Vinny Mannino
23. Zach Shoemaker 

Junior Amateur Finals
1. Dakota Christopherson
2. Eddie Rovi
3. Cameron Eader

Ladies Finals
1. Angie Marino
2. Kiera Bonifaci
3. Brooke Betancourt

Senior Amateur Finals
1. Tommy Crail
2. Joe Nix
3. Braden Bygrave

Expert Finals
1. Reed Boggs
2. Matthew Cranmer 
3. Gabe Truax


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