Top 5s With Sean Sexton: October 29, 2007

Favorite spots to ride:
Chandler bike park
Deck park in Phoenix, AZ
Shade 6 Trails (R.I.P.)
Downtown Tempe, AZ
Tempe skatepark

Shade 6 trails… Sure, this is an old photo, but it has never been used and it is Rad and Fudger wants the world to see it.  credit: Ryan Fudger

Riders I’m stoked on:
Chris Doyle
Jason Owens
Mike Aitken
Darryl Tocco
Corey Bohan

Riders on the come up:
Jason Owens
Lil John
Dakota Roche
Johnny Stevens
Nathan Williams

Essential items when I travel:
Safety material
Lots of socks
Eddie Murphy’s “Raw” or “Delerious” DVD

Great things about where I grew up:
All of my friends
My girlfriend
Chandler BMX racetrack
Filabertos Mexican food

Big ole turndown. Smooth and stylish.  credit: Fat Tony

Not-so-great things about where I grew up:
Filabertos Mexican food
Illegal, but awesome skateparks
The heat
My trails being destroyed
The heat

Artists I can’t get enough of:
3 6 Mafia
Lil Wayne
David Bowie
Tom Petty
MF Doom

360 table during the Road Fools Rock N’ Roll Tour.  credit: Fat Tony

Things I do when not riding:
Hang out with my girlfriend.
Build Nissans into bad ass cars.
Playing video games and getting safe.

Pet peeves:
The heat in Arizona.
Internet haters
People that take BMX way too seriously.

Now that is what I call a fakie turndown! Clicked!  credit: Fat Tony

Places I want to travel:
Austin, Texas