The Monday Edit: High Desert To Long Beach

I’m sure you’ve all noticed, but we’ve been hitting you hard with the event coverage the past couple weeks. First came the epic 2012 Texas Toast Jam in Austin and following that, the awesome times from the San Francisco Dew Tour. But, we try to cater to all of you riders all out there so we’re bringing it back to the streets for this week’s Monday Edit. Long Beach local and all around awesome guy Zach Krejmas just hit us with a new mix featuring rad riding from the High Desert of California to Long Beach, and we’re more than happy to present this one to you guys. Check out what Zach and his handy VX have captured in the Golden State above and see what he has to say about the edit below.

It doesn’t get much better than cruising the streets with your pals. This is a bunch of stuff I shot while riding with various peeps in various places. From Arizona and the High Desert of California, to Riverside, Santa Ana, Long Beach, and Los Angeles. Riding from Jake Muras, Bobby Kanode, Eric Bahlman, Dave McDermott, Jake Ortiz, Matty Long, Chris Gille and many other homies, additional filming by Jeff Z.

Music by: No Sleep