The Friday Interview – On The Road With Terry Adams

The Friday Interview – On The Road With Terry Adams
Interview and photos by Fat Tony.

Like most pro riders Terry Adams travels a lot. Although the majority of his trips are by airplane, we recently had the opportunity to hop in the car with him from his hometown in Louisiana to Missouri for JoMoPro. Along the way we decided to interview him all about his busy life on the road.

While it's not so typical for Terry to be loading up a bike rack, it is normal for him to be up before sunrise to take off for a trip.

What do you normally bring on a trip?
I normally bring my bike, tools, toothbrush, two pairs of shoes, iPad, iPhone, seven to 10 shirts, two pairs of jeans, and six Red Bull hats.

Do you bring extra parts and a pump and stuff in case your bike breaks while you are on a trip?
I bring one extra brake cable, one tube, and one Odyssey Frequency G tire. I never travel with my pump because it would make my luggage too heavy.

Have you ever missed a flight? What’s your secret for always being on time?
I have never missed a flight. My secret is getting to the airport two hours early even for domestic trips. I would rather be super early then stressing about being late.

Anything can happen on the road, and that includes flat tires. Here an extremely kind stranger helps Terry fix a flat since Terry's XB apparently didn't come with a jack.

What is your favorite airline to fly, and why?
Any airline works for me, although I do hate the open seating on Southwest airlines.

How many trips do you take per year?
I average about 70 trips a year. 10 % of them are personal vacations with the wife, 70% of my travel are demos and appearances for Red Bull, and the other 20% are split between contests, TV appearances, and photo/video shoots.

How often do you actually drive for a trip as opposed to flying?
I normally only drive to one contest a year. That’s it. Everything else is in the silver bullet.

How'd Terry get a flat tire? Well, he pulled off the side of the road to get a photo with a "Terry" exit sign and ran over a big screw. While we didn't get a photo with that particular sign, there was this nicer one at the gas station where we fixed the flat.

How do you normally eat on a trip compared to when you are at home?
When I am home I try to eat as healthy as possible. White meat with brown rice is a typical meal for home life. Also I will eat some Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers with my homies on the weekends. While traveling I eat pretty much eat anything. When hanging out with different dudes I never would want to be picky. Hand me a cheeseburger and I am set.

Anyone who travels a lot knows that airports can get pretty annoying… What is your biggest pet peeve at the airport?
I actually like chilling in the airports. What I do not like is sitting next to rude people on the airplane. The kind that take both armrest and give you none. That is something that gets me fired up!

What do you do at the airport and on the plane to help you pass the time?
I tweet, Facebook, text, blog, watch movies, and make a ton of phone calls.

Fueling up. Gas and candy.

Do you have any personal technique that helps you sleep on a plane?
It’s super hard for me to sleep on planes. If I stay up real late the night before that sometimes helps.

How often does your wife Vanessa go on trips with you? Does she enjoy going to contests and stuff?
She loves going to contests. She has been to many comps including FISE in France, KOG in Japan, JoMoPro, and tons more. It’s awesome for her because we can go a couple days before the event so she can get her sightseeing in.

Got any tips for packing your bike up to bring on the plane? Want to tell the people out there how stubborn you were for so long and how you finally took my advice and got a proper bike bag?
The best way to travel with your bike is buy an Ogio Golf bag. Yes, I was stubborn. No, I don’t want to talk about it. Haha.

Got any tips for people taking road trips to ride?
Have fun and cherish every second because those are the times you will remember for the rest of your life!

Talking about blogging, American Idol, riding, Tweeting, and more…driving, driving, and more driving.
Hotel life with the wifey. Resting up before the big contest.
And of course, this is what it all comes down to…Those few precious seconds on the contest floor when the clock is running and the crowd is screaming.