The Friday Interview: Joey Ceppaglia

Name: Joey Ceppaglia
Age: 19
Hometown: Fresno CA
Years Riding: 5-6 years
Years Shooting: Video for 3 years and photo work for about 2 years.
Gear: panasonic hvx200 with optica fisheye, canon 7d 2 sb28 flashes, canon 50mm, rockinon fisheye.

What get you interested in photography? Was it natural for you to merge BMX and photography together?
Well, I would always check out pictures from Ryan Ogawa on the Fresno BMX website and Chris Reisner’s Tumblr, and I loved checking out the media for the local BMX scene. That’s when I knew I wanted to bring out my own media and start helping my friends get coverage. So I got a camera and started taking videos of everyone and a year later I got my 7d to take pictures because I was tired of getting video stills, haha. It’s been working out great ever since.

Who are some of your favorite photographers?
My favorite photographers would have to be Ryan Ogawa, Chris Reisner, and Vivid Photography. just because they’re the type of photographers I would look up to when I first started and they would help me out in learning more about photography.

Who is your favorite rider to shoot?
I have many favorites, but my favorite riders to shoot hands down are Michael Garcia and Jeremiah Juarez. They’re really patient with doing the tricks a few times and they’re just my best friends, so we always have a fun time when we shoot. And they aren’t afraid to bust their ass for a good photo. Thanks guys!

What is your favorite style of riding to shoot?
Well, I’ve always liked shooting at parks, but I’ve recently started shooting street a lot more and I think I’m falling for it, haha. You can get a lot more creative with it and I can get unique shots with it.

Any last words, thanks, or shout outs?
I wanna give a big thanks to my family and friends. Ryan Ogawa, Chris Reisner, and Vivid Photography for all the help and inspiration! Thanks Michael and Jeremiah for busting your ass for pictures! And a big thanks to Beyond Mention.