The Friday Interview – Catching Up With Scotty Cranmer

The Friday Interview – Catching Up With Scotty Cranmer
Interview by Fat Tony.
Photos by Kevin Connors.

Kevin Connors sent over a handful of photos that he shot while Scotty Cranmer was sessioning a snow quarterpipe in 20 degree New Jersey weather for a Vans edit, so we got in touch with Scotty to catch up with him about the wild frozen setup, his new car, coming back into the BMX game hot, and more…

After a few crashes on the snow quarter, Scotty eyes it up once more for another go...

Since all these photos Kevin shot are from a quarterpipe made out of snow, please explain that one the best you can.
So the snow quarterpipe came about as a last minute kind of idea. I had just finished the Fox edit as I got the call from Jerry “Badboy” Badders (Vans team manager) on getting a Vans edit finished in 15 days. I was really excited about doing it because I wanted to make an all-street edit and the two feet of snow had just melted enough to ride! So Cj Capozoli an I had planned to film on the weekend before the due date. But luck, as it works, sent another snowstorm at us that Thursday! I really didn’t want to do another skatepark edit right after my Fox one, so I started to think outside of the box and it hit me just about immediately! I started as the snow was coming down. I used a tractor to get the snow in a big enough pile. Then I used a shovel to shape it. To get it packed in I rode up it with a quad about a hundred times! I let it sit for a day and to my surprise it was hard enough to ride! So that night we all met up at the bike shop and I began to learn how to ride it. It was in the low 20s outside and the parking lot had black ice just about everywhere, so even the run up was sketchy! We started at 7:30pm and everything was going good. I did the barspin first, then the table, and the tailwhip. But when I got to the downside whip the tranny started to get pretty chopped up and I started to realize how slippery and cold snow really was! So I made it through to the flair, and at this point I was ready to call it quits! My gloves were soaked, my jacket had snow in it, and to top it off I had loads of throttle grip! But I really wanted to get this done, so I tried four and landed on my back once and on my head the next thee times! I was beat! But I was to determined to stop, so I crashed at least another 20 times before I actually rode away! Even though it was the coldest I had ever been, it was a good time.

Did anyone else try to ride the snow quarter?
No, I guess I was the only one dumb enough to attempt it!


Besides the snow quarter and Incline Club, have you been able to ride anywhere outside recently?
Not at all! It keeps on snowing here so I will be at the skatepark for at least another month.

Felt posted recently that you got a new car and now your “life is complete”… What’s the latest with your car collection?
Yeah, I finally got the car of my dreams! It’s a 2000 Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R vspec. I love the car to death and stare at it for hours. Here is the link from a photo shoot we did last month-it was awesome!

Photo from
Photo from

Everyone knows you had a bum foot for a long time and in your down time it seemed like you had fallen off for a bit. Then you came back strong in ’09, won the X Games, did well at Dew Tour, etc… How are you feeling these days as far as injuries and your riding?
I feel amazing lately. I actually feel like my old self again, and that is something I was scared I would never feel again. That was the worst year of my life, and it was dead smack in the middle of the best time of my life.

It’s crazy to me to see where I was in early ’09 to where I am now. I was such a bummed out person. I remember back in April going to a highschool and talking about goals. This one kid asked me what I wanted to accomplish this year and I didn’t know what to say. So I thought for a second and told him that I would like to win X Games this year. And honestly at this point I thought that was something that was just never going to happen again. I lost my drive to get better, and to live up to the name that I created for myself in the BMX world. Then I got an X Games invite, and something inside me clicked. I remembered again how lucky I was to be in the spot that I am. And how lucky I was to be backed by the sponsors that I have. That’s when I found myself again and knew I could still do this. So I got back on my bike and almost started again from scratch! I started riding my bike to where ever I was going. I also started re-learning tricks that I was scared to try because I was gone for so long. By the time X Games came around I was so excited to try my hardest in an attempt to prove to everyone that I could still do this. When the contest was over and I actually won, it felt like the world was lifted off my back. Not because I beat everyone at the contest, but because I had finally beat my injury.

“I lost my drive to get better, and to live up to the name that I created for myself in the BMX world. Then I got an X Games invite, and something inside me clicked.”

What are your plans for the next few months?
I am currently on a Vans road trip for the next 10 days. Then the ASA contest. After that I have a lot of shows to do, and I am working on an interview for Ride.

For a while you were Felt’s only rider, and now there are a few other guys on the team. What’s that been like having teammates now? Do you guys ever do stuff together or is it pretty much the same as before?
I am happy that there are other riders on the team. Josh Betley is a really cool guy and he is a very unique kind of bike rider. Augie Simoncini has been my friend for a long time now and I do shows with him a whole bunch. We have never done anything as a team yet, but I am definitely down to.


Explain the scooter scene at your park…
The scooter scene is huge at the Incline Club! It’s pretty interesting to see how into it the kids are. A lot of the kids have scooters worth upwards of $450! The tricks that they do are a lot different than other parts of the country, or even the world. The good kids ride them like bikes-they do 6ft airs out of the mini and spine, and do ridiculous transfers. I don’t mind scootering…the kids enjoy it, and they keep my parents’ skatepark open.

I’ve never brought this up before, so now seems like as good a time as ever to shed some light on it. The mouth guards. A lot of riders these days are wearing mouth guards when they ride. I’m all for it and understand the reason, but for those who think it’s weird, please explain from your point of view why you (and others) use them.
It completely sucks knocking your teeth out. I don’t like wearing my mouth guard, but it is really expensive to get teeth fixed. There is a kid that used to come to my parents’ skatepark, well, he was a friend of mine. He knocked his teeth out there and at other spots as well. He is now suing the skatepark. I wish he had a mouth guard in, or maybe some class…


Every time we hang out, you always have some crazy story… Let’s hear one of them.
Right after the skatepark was rebuilt, my friend brad Jameson was staying at my house. It was the night I broke my foot and me, Ronnie Surridge, and a few other friends were at the hospital. We didn’t get back until 1am or so. The next day Brad asked Ronnie why he was sitting in the kitchen in the dark last night? Ronnie said that he wasn’t, and that he was at the hospital with me. So I asked Brad why he asked? He said he saw my car gone and that Ronnie’s bedroom light was on so he assumed it was him. He said he came home and looked from the upstairs balcony and noticed someone sitting in the kitchen in the pitch black dark. He jumped in the shower, and 15 minutes later looked back in the kitchen and saw someone still sitting there but now in a different spot. Then he said “Ronnie? What are you doing?” He didn’t get an answer and thought to himself, “That’s weird.” and went to sleep. He said this was at 11:30pm, and at this point he realized we were at the hospital still. So I asked around to the people that could have been the suspects and everyone denied it. So the next day I got a security system installed!