The Friday Interview: Allan Cooke on Certified Helmets


I’ve been out at Woodward Tahoe for the past few days to hang out with the new Bell Helmets BMX team, talk about their new Segment helmet, and have some fun with the guys on the slopes. Of course, it’s not all fun and games and we got serious for a minute about a topic that’s very worth being serious about–certified versus non-certified helmets. Allan Cooke is the man at the reigns of the BMX program at Bell and this isn’t just a desk job for him–Allan truly believes in this technology and has the facts and personal experience to show that having a certified helmet on your head will protect you from serious head damage in the long run. Check out his personal experience above, and be on the lookout for a team edit from the session at Woodward Tahoe’s Bunker featuring Van Homan, Ryan Nyquist, Zak Earley, and Pat Casey on Monday.

Also, apologies for some less than ideal camera work in this video–Allan gave this part of his speech near the end of a decently long presentation and holding a DSLR and telephoto lens steady for that length of time isn’t exactly easy. Video quality aside, Allan makes some great points and every BMXer should listen to what he has to say on the issue.