Texas Toast – Fake Magazine Cover/Wallride Montage

On the May 2006 issue of Ride, we commissioned Jim Bauer to design a cover logo, screw it to an abandoned billboard in Los Angeles, and convinced Gary Young to downside footplant it. It was sort of our “photoshop free” cover and it’s still one of our more memorable ones to date. Well, going into Texas Toast this year, contest organizer Dean Dickinson hit us up with an idea to replicate that cover. The Toast crew built it and we flew in two days before to paint it…twelve hours later, we had our psychedelic and somewhat hard-to-ride obstacle ready for the contest. Here’s a little timelapse of the painting of the ramp and some of the more wild moments that went down on it. Overall, Texas Toast was a blast and we can’t wait to be back there next year. And, be sure to check out the rest of our Toast coverage

Music By:
Figure Of Wax
“Feeling Alone”
Instagram: @instawax

The influence: The May 2006 cover with Gary Young on it…