Video: Stefan Lantschner riding in Cali.

This edit is still awesome, Stefan kills it with some of the smoothest riding ever!! This is a few words that the editor had about this video,

“This is a rather old piece… Kind of. I shot this late last year (November, 2011, I think) while Italian BMX ripper, Stefan Lantschner, was in Southern California. Unfortunately, it has literally taken me 10+ months to get around to editing this short clip, due to lots of traveling and working on other projects.

We shot this over the course of four or five days, which included some rain that hindered a few days. Nonetheless, we hit up a few of the local spots to put together something fun. I’m hoping Stefan will be visiting again in the coming months, as I’d like to make a more proper and badass edit that would include some of Stefan’s motocross skills!”