Sean Sexton Bike Check

Blazing the trails, boosting a park, or shredding the streets, Sean Sexton’s bike is an all-around BMX machine. We nabbed some photos of it while shooting Sean’s interview for the June 2009 issue, which will be dropping mid next month. Until then, check out the bike, and then track down the new issue next month to see it in action.

Name: Sean Sexton
Age: 22
Location: Austin, Texas
Sponsors: Kink Bikes, Vans, Fox, Empire

Frame: My signature frame "The Issue" in 20.75"
Fork: Odyssey Race
Bars: Kink Badger with my signature color candy apple red
Stem: Kink Bold, 50mm
Grips: Fly bikes Ruben grip in the best color compound available, old as sh-t, still killin’ it.
Barends: Odyssey Par Ends
Headset: Kink titanium nitrate ceramic jump-off
Clamp: built-in
Seatpost: Kink
Seat: Odyssey Senior 2 Pivotal
Cranks: Odyssey Twombolts 175mm
Sprocket: Kink Sound
Chain: KMC 410
Front Tire: Odyssey K-Lyte Dirt Path 2.20"
Front Wheel: Odyssey Hard Anodized Red Hazard Lite rims 36-hole, Vandero 2 Hub, and Odyssey after market spokes with new Gsport taper hex nipples 
Rear Tire: Odyssey Path 20×2.20"
Rear Wheel: Odyssey Hard Anodized Red Hazard Lite rims 36-hole, Odyssey Hazard v3 hub, Odyssey after market spokes with new red Gsport taper hex nipples.
Hub Guard: Mutiny
Pegs: Odyssey JPEG Lighter
Pedals: Odyssey Plastic


I cut the steer tube on the forks so they're flush with the top of my stem, other than that it's stock.

It looks like it's almost time for new grips…Hell no. Until they're completely smoked I'm going to run them.

Other than your grips, what parts do you go through the fastest?
Rims and pedals.

On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being most dialed, how dialed is your bike?
It's about an 8 right now, because I've been running this set up for a couple months now, and the paint is so so. Other than that it's in good shape.

Tell us about your frame coming out.
It's called The issue and it's my signature frame from Kink Bikes. It comes out this spring (soon) and it has a slightly smaller standover height than the traditional Kink frames. It has a custom "rising sun" seat stay bridge, 75 degree head tube angle, removeable brake mounts, and it'll weigh 4lbs. 14oz.