Rye Airfield Wicked Jam Day Two Photos & Results

Sunday night Pro finals for the Wicked Jam wrapped up, in New Hampshire. It was a long day of riding, riding, and more riding in this 50,000 sq. foot playground. Too much crazy shit went down to even name, and I’m not going to spoil anything for the dudes that were filming the event. Look for a few web edits to drop this week. Here are the results from pro finals.

1st- Chris Hughes
2nd- Big Daddy
3rd- Zane Bradley
4th- Alex Landeros
5th- Chad Kerley
6th- Steven Moxley
7th- Ryan Taylor
8th- Brian Hunt
9th- Nicholi Rogatkin
10th- Leandro Moreira
11th- Chris Childs
Best Trick- Trey Jones with a tire slide across the top of the slant wall.

A street contest was fashioned Saturday Night. Chad Kerley killed it.

And as always, here’s some photos for you to burn your retinas on. A huge thanks to Nick Steben for shooting more photos than I did.

Thanks to Rye Airfield, all of the sponsors that helped out with the event, every single rider that competed, everyone in the crowd, Michah, Brian Hunt, the Earley family for giving me a floor to crash on, everyone who will put out an edit of the jam (which will save my hands from carpal tunnel) and anyone else that I forgot. You’re all the best!