Rob Wise Bike Check

Name: Rob Wise
Age: 24
Height: 6′ 2″
Weight: 190lbs
Location: Layton, UT
Sponsors: GT Bikes, DC Shoes, Demolition, Skullcandy, 5050 BMX, X-Balm

All photos by Fat.

Frame: GT
Fork: Demolition Concord
Bars: Volume Alfa
Stem: Demolition Keystone
Grips: Demolition Wise
Barends: Demolition Plastic
Headset: FSA
Clamp: Demolition
Seatpost: Demolition Johnson
Seat: Old School Demolition
Cranks: Demolition Medial, 170mm
Sprocket: Demolition FL
Chain: Shadow Half-Link
Brakes: Demolition Vulcan
Cable: Odyssey
Brake Lever: Odyssey
Detangler: SNAFU
Front Tire: Odyssey Mike Aitken
Front Wheel: Demolition Bulimia hub with Demolition Zero rim.
Rear Tire: Demolition sample
Rear Wheel: Demolition Rolls with Demolition zero rim.
Pedals: Demolition Plastics
Hub Guard: Demolition Rolls
Pegs: Demolition team

I have Matt Beringer machine my hub guard so it sits nice and snug with the spokes so I don't hang up on anything, and I lace my spokes on the inside on my grind side to prevent them from breaking.

Which parts do you go through the most?
Grips and tires. Demolition stuff is dialed, so it’ll last forever!

Describe your bike setup and how you like your bike to feel…
It’s pretty stock I guess. I keep it as basic as possible with brakes on. I like it to be super dialed so it sounds like a basketball.

What part are you most particular about or do you feel makes the biggest difference on your bike?
My hub guard! Grinds just aren't the same without one, or one that Beringer hasn't dialed in for me. Thanks, Matt!

What’s GT have going on these days with their bikes?
They are trying to get back into the more “core” BMX industry again. They want to bring their name back how it was back in the day. They are going to do signature frames with Dilly (Dave Dillewaard) and me. They haven't really done that in awhile, so I’m hoping we can make things a little better for them in the BMX department.

Are you going to get a signature frame from GT? If so, how much input will you have in it?
Yes, I am working on one as I type this. It is going to be so sick. I have 100% input on it so I’m stoked on that. Everyone that I am working with is real cool. I already feel right at home. I’m hoping to see a sample in the next month or so.

What else can we expect to see from you and GT this year?
Not much right now because I just broke my foot, but I should be back on my bike within a month. I’m going to work on a few GT edits and try and travel as much as possible! Hopefully you will be seeing a lot more of me!