RideBMX Issue 200 – July 2014

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It only took 22 years, but we’ve finally finally reached issue 200. And this milestone issue of RideBMX features a dose of history, a sample of the present, and a dash of the future with feature articles Lifers, Generation Gap, a Chad Kerley interview, and much more…

On The Cover: Chad Kerley is best known for technical multi-trick combos, but he can bring the burliness too—bar sling over a hefty railhop/drop. Photo: Ryan Fudger

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– Departments –

Mike Mastroni has a wild imagination and the drive to turn his dream setups into reality.

Up Front
Just the facts, please… sponsor changes, injuries, and more.

We’ve got a bunch of great new products—all tested, tried, and true…

Soft Goods
Logo embellished attire to show your loyalty to your favorite BMX brands.

Much better for your eyes than Instagram.

This is the last issue with a Letters section, so enjoy ’em one last time. 🙁

Finish: Dan Conway
Philly, Stinkpit crew, crooked grinds, hair metal, and Fit Bike Co. are a few things that makes this guy tick.

– Features –

Riders featured in the very first issue of RideBMX (Oct/Nov 1992) who are still riding today. Stop and think about that for a second, these guys had what it took to make into a magazine 22 years ago, and they’re still riding to this day.

Generation Gap
A contrast between younger riders entering the pro ranks and seasoned pro riders who have been at it longer than some of the these kids have even been alive—crazy.

Chad Kerley Interview
The future is now and Chad is at the forefront. His riding speaks for itself, and now it’s Chad’s turn.

The Future In 2020
Ryan Fudger takes a satyrical stab at the future of BMX. One thing is for sure, whatever the future may hold for BMX, Fudger’s fiction is based on a lot of truths…

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