Red Bull Dirt Conquers Final Results

In case you missed the live feed, below you’ll find the final results from Red Bull’s Dirt Conquers in Guadalajara, Mexico. Qualifying and finals were held on Sunday afternoon, and while the sun was blazing, the wind was also blowing fierce. Everyone had to deal with heavy gusts while in the air and dust in their eyes at all times. A few guys even rode their runs with sunglasses on. Even though everyone ripped the course up in their runs, it kinda seemed like there was better riding during practice from a lot of guys. A few definitely got screwed with way too much wind when it was their time to go. Either way, the contest was rad, and plenty of awesome shit went down. Definitely another one for the books. Can’t wait to see what next year’s comp brings…

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2014 Dirt Conquers podium: Kevin Peraza, first place (middle); Daniel Sandoval, second place (left); Drew Bezanson, third place (right). Photo: Mulligan

2014 Red Bull Dirt Conquers Results
1. Kevin Peraza
2. Daniel Sandoval
3. Drew Bezanson
4. Mike Varga
5. Daniel Dhers
6. Ryan Nyquist
7. Rob Darden
8. Kriss Kyle
9. Gary Young
10. Pat Casey
11. Ryan Guettler
12. Kenneth Tencio

Sebastian “Bas” Keep (left) won the “Best Line” award, while Mike Varga (right) took home the best trick award. Photo: Mulligan

Best Line and Best Trick
Best Line: Sebastian “Bas” Keep: Double cradle ride-to-downside tailwhip out
Best Trick: Mike Varga: 360 double tailwhip-to-barspin

Holland’s Paul de Jong, one of the judges for the weekend, took home the “Most Drunk On Tequila” award. Photo: Mulligan

Red Bull’s Recap Press Release:

GUADALAJARA, Mexico, 13 April 2014. Stands filled up quickly for the second Red Bull Dirt Conquers event in Park Metropolitano. After a stunning qualifying round twelve riders made it to the finals. Some of the favourites coming into the contest did not make it to the last round, including AJ Anaya and Leandro Moreira who were on the podium in Guadalajara last year.

Dirt Conquers is a different event because the terrain is like no other. “It rides like bumpy concrete, and I like it when the transition isn’t perfect.” said best line winner Bas Keep. “I rode the capsule last year and I figured I could go around twice and downside whip out of it. Riding the wall of the capsule both ways was good fun also.” continued the Englishman. ION cameras also put on an award for best trick which was won by first time visitor Mike Varga from Canada who did a 360-double-whip-barspin over the big dusty step-up.

The contest itself required solid runs with unique lines and innovating tricks, something the top three riders all had. Making the podium in third was Drew Bezanson (CAN) who is no stranger to finding different lines and throwing down good moves. Drew was stoked after the contest: “I didn’t expect this at all, I’m blown away. My goal here was to have fun and to leave in one piece and I did both and couldn’t be happier with third place.” Bezanson seemed to take it easy in practice but busted the moves during the contest. “I tried to save my energy, I only needed my legs for 90 seconds total and it worked out. I’m happy with third.” continued the Red Bull rider.

Daniel Sandoval (USA) had no game plan coming into the contest but wanted to ride the way he normally rides. That means also doing tricks during practice. Daniel: “I ride every day and I do these tricks all the time so when I come to a park like this it makes me feel like I’m in my own environment.”

In 2013 Kevin Peraza crashed in practice and could not ride the contest. He was disappointed about it and wanted to win the 2014 edition. The gnarly set up at the Red Bull Dirt Conquers did not hold him back to ride his own style. With 360 downside whips over the hitching post, 540 nose spins and creative lines all over the park, the win was his. The disappointment from last year was quickly forgotten.

The event concept came from local Alex Vazquez who was happy seeing the BMX elite to his hometown for the second year in a row. Last year’s experience was used to make this version even better and the riders from Guadalajara will remember it for a long time.

1. Kevin Peraza (USA)
2. Daniel Sandoval (USA)
3. Drew Bezanson (CAN)
Best line winner: Bas Keep (ENG) with a double cradle ride to downside whip out.
Best trick winner: Mike Varga (CAN) with a 360-double-whip-barspin