Reader Feature Friday

Photo by reader Karolis Jonikas.

After our “how to get your content featured on” feature last week, we got quite a few responses from readers eager to get their work and their riding up on the website. With so many submissions, it seemed only right to put them into one place–so enjoy what readers around the world get into on their 20 inch bikes.

At only 14 years of age Billy Borys left home and began a quest to become one of the best flatland BMX riders in the world. After a few years of riding, he got sponsored by one of the biggest BMX companies at the time, started entering pro class at competitions, and moved to the states to pursue his dream. ‘Going to X-tremes’ gives a glimpse into Billy’s life; from growing up with nothing to being on top of the world living his dream- and then having everything stripped away from him again. But one thing that will never be lost is his passion for riding. It doesn’t matter to Billy if he has a bed to sleep on or not, all that matters is that he can ride his bike.

Karolis Jonikas filmed few clips for Tautvydas Seskus, team member of PARBMX, in Vilnius, Lithuania. 2013
music: Sam & Dave – Hold On I’m Comin’

It’s always good to watch some riding that you don’t quite see everyday. Continuously hopping from back wheel to front wheel, multiple spins and what not. I decided to try something different with song choice also. I don’t see much dub in videos anymore (and i don’t mean dubstep) But overall, i think this came out well.

Richard “A-Wire” Lecky is a PRO BMX rider from Jamaica with dreams of competing in the X Games in 2013.

Despite being from a lower income background and having no access to skate parks or bike shops on the island, this 28 year old has overcome numerous obstacles in order to follow his dream. In 2013, he plans to be the first (and only) Jamaican to represent the small island in Freestyle BMX.

Not content with simply competing, A-Wire is already the face of a growing BMX culture in the Caribbean. With big plans to change the face of the sport, he also carries the hope of inspiring kids and other young adults to work hard and follow their dreams despite life’s obstacles.

Be a part of the movement. Go to and support “A-Wire’s Mission To The X Games”.

Directed/Edited by: Kurt Wright

Footage Courtesy of:
Richard “A-Wire” Lecky / Kurt Wright / New Caribbean Cinema.

This is my entry into the Co-Operative film festival 2012

Live To Ride is a short film by Matt Goff exploring the ways in which Bmx is portrayed in today’s society and how Todd Cleaver enjoys and experiences the sport on a daily basis trying to achieve his goals and to progress to his full potential. The ideas for this film originated when I first saw the ‘Co-operative film festival’ in the newspaper and I noticed it said ‘Tackle an issue that concerns you’ so instantly bmx came into my mind and the stereotypes that surrounds it. So I asked my friend Todd to star in the film and talk about bmx including how he got into the sport and tackling the difficulties that comes with it. 

Filmed and edited by Matt Goff with a Canon EOS 550D with a EF 50mm f/1.8 MKII, Canon EFS 18-55mm and a Sigma 10mm Fisheye.

Song: I Break horses – Hearts

Filmed by Dominic Stroupe & Payton Wagner
Edited by Payton Wagner
Music: Explosions in the Sky – Your Hand in Mine

Masoi doing it for DWOK

Filmed and Editing by Jack Leonard

Onra – Hide and Seek

Song is for promotional use only, I do not own or claim any rights to this song. No copyright infringement intended