Pro Q&A: Scott Ditchburn

Next up for our ProQ&A is this young lad from the UK, Scott Ditchburn. Scott is currently bouncing back and forth between England and Texas, but hoping to get rooted Stateside once he gets one of those elusive athlete Visas nailed down. In the meantime, on the day to day, Scott will be refusing to do any up-keep on his bike because he “loves a well ridden machine.” And he’ll be throwing that well ridden machine into just about any grind you can imagine because he’s got ’em all—either side, backward, forward, throw in an x-up, flick a 180 out—it’s all good for this grind master. Subrosa, the Shadow Conspiracy, Lotek, and Chain Reaction help keep him rolling straight (well, he doesn’t true his wheels). Hit Scott with any and all of your questions and the best of ’em will be answered in the September issue of RideBMX.

So leave your questions below, or if you want to keep them on the DL (for now) you can email them to [email protected]

Rocket ice over a “river” in SoCal. Photo: Zielinski