Pro Q&A: Nathan Williams

We should all know that Nathan’s least favorite thing in the world is talking about himself, but for our sake, he’s agreed to answer any and all questions from our intellectual readers. Part of me thinks we’re all beyond asking about his no-handers and what type of jeans he’s wearing, but just to be safe, here’s a sample list of possible topics that I know Nathan would get awkward about:

  1. – Being awkward (easy).
  2. – The United House in Huntington Beach.
  3. – Life in California.
  4. – Not being allowed into more than one country.
  5. – What it’s like when Ian Morris tells him he loves him.
  6. – Driving a mini van, yet still looking cool.
  7. – Another rumored United video?
  8. – Reppin’ Etnies head-to-toe.
  9. – Why he loves plastic pegs so much.
  10. – Why he hates metal pegs so much.


All questions will be sent to Nathan and the best of the question/answer combos will be printed in the September 2011 issue of Ride.

Getting a laugh. Check that swirl job.

Switch ice in Huntington Beach.