PRO Q&A: Mike Hoder

Brakeless, burly, and brash, Mike Hoder is quite the character and he's down to answer your questions for our next Pro Q&A. Spinning some of the biggest 360s in the game, clearing hops and taking drops like no other, and grinding armpit height rails with no pegs is just what makes this guy awesome on the bike. And if tattoos and Pit Bulls are some of your non-riding interests, well, looks like you've got even more in common with Big Mike. You can simply scroll down and leave a question for Mike below, hit up our Facebook page, or email a question to me at [email protected]. The pick of the litter will go in the May/June 2013 issue.

Some topics to consider: Riding for S&M and having a signature frame and bars, 360ing El Toro, growing up in Seattle, moving to Brooklyn, riding with Edwin DeLaRosa, getting sponsored by Animal and having the last section in QSS 3 Foreign and Domestic, signature Lotek shoe, home made tattoos, whilin' out, or maybe ask him something completely random, you never know what you might get with Mike, but it's always guaranteed to be good.

Photos By Jeff Zielinski

Here’s Mike’s bangin’ section from Animal’s QSS 3 Foreign and Domestic.

And here’s Mike’s part from S&M’s Blind In Texas