Pro Q&A: Jeremiah Smith

Stepping up to field your questions for the December issue of Ride BMX is that loveable redheaded trick machine Jeremiah Smith.


Sample question topics might include: what it’s like to constantly have people think he’s that Olympic superstar snowboarder Shaun White and signing autographs in his name pretending to be him, questions about the Bikes Over Baghdad trips he’s been on and his wild experiences in Iraq and the Middle East entertaining the troops, his Midwest roots and being a part of that awesome scene, what it’s like to live in State College and be at Woodward Camp all the time, his ping-pong skills, riding in big contests, his bike setup, favorite spots, or his sponsors. We know you’ve got plenty of other things you’d like to question him about, so get creative and let it fly.

Jeremiah’s answers to your questions will be in the December 2011 issue, so post them now in the comments and don’t forget to leave your name with them. You can also email your Jeremiah questions to [email protected]




Check out Jeremiah in a couple games of BIKE with Chad Kerley from when they were in England…

The rematch…