Pro Q&A: Geoff Slattery

All Photos: Jeff Zielinski

Brian Foster respects his lines at the park, he just put out two bangin’ sections back to back in United’s This Is United and then followed that up with Anthem II, he attempted the Austin Death Gap on someone else’s bike, he’s been sampling all the finer aspects of life while traveling around the world, and he’s one of Darryl Tocco’s best buds—not bad for a modest dude from Audubon, New Jersey. Any topic is fair game for Geoff, so you can ask him about anything above, or use your noggin’ to think of questions pertaining to FDR, bowls, trails, the next Bad Timing video, south Jersey, sponsor changes, or anything else your clever mind might conjure up.

Remember, we appreciate at least a first name and last initial—crude nicknames and/or "anonymous" don't cut it. Or you can just e-mail your question to [email protected]

All questions will be sent to Geoff and the best of the question/answer combos will be printed in the September 2011 issue of Ride.