Pro Q&A – Chris Doyle: November 6, 2007

This may come off slightly corny, but Chris Doyle has never-ending style.Not in the sense that he has endless style (which may be true, as well), but more like I could shoot a photo of Doyle tomorrow, bury it for ten years, bring it out in 2017, and people would respect it. Everything is large, everything is stretched, and nothing about the way Chris rides can be considered dated. With that said, you should realize that asking Chris questions for his Pro Q&A that will be featured in the February issue of Ride will work as your contribution to the time capsule I’m putting together, so get your thinking cap together and lets make some history…

E-mail your questions to “Hellodoyleihaveaquestion” at [email protected]

Keeping with the timeless theme, I’ll give the first person to e-mail me ([email protected]) with both a question for Chris and the correct year each photo in this article was shot (photo one-to-eight, from top-to-bottom) a prize package from both Kink and Demolition.

Chris’ current sponsors are:
Kink Bike Co., Demolition Parts, DC Shoes, Duo, Rockstar Games, Square One, Pro Tec, and Bicycle Union.

 credit: Ryan Fudger

 credit: Ryan Fudger