Pro Q&A: Ben Hucke

Ben has agreed to let you guys torture him for a bit, so please take a moment to think of a question for the good-looking man from Portland, Oregon. My only suggestion? Don’t ask him about his new frame sponsor…he won’t tell you. But, you can ask him about can-can nose manuals, going to Russia for the first time, being a single dad, his plan to film two video parts this year… I can go on and on and on and on, but this is your gig. Tear him up in the comments!

Normal disclaimer: I know you think your "sprayfart69" nickname is funny, but in the least a first name and last initial are required. Or, if you want to get personal, send an e-mail to [email protected]

All questions will be sent to Brett and the best of the question/answer combos will be printed in the May 2011 issue of Ride.

A belter of a kinker while on the Shadow Russia trip... Photo: Fudger


Chilling in Moscow...