Premiere: Jake Ortiz from The Hunt’s Gold Rush DVD

We’re happy and stoked to present to you Jake Ortiz’s section from The Hunt’s Gold Rush DVD and have not only his section, but also a behind the scenes interview with filmer Tony Archibeque Jr., revealing some insight into the section. Considering the limited filming schedule the two had to make this part happen, it’s even doper than initially thought that they were able to get all of this done. Check out the section above and the interview below.

iTUNES: While we’re releasing this section online, don’t forget that you can still buy the DVD from iTunes.

What’s your name, age, and where are you from/located at? My name is Tony Archibeque Jr. I’m 28 years old and I currently live In Tacoma, Washington.

How long have you been filming for? What made you decide to make a section with Jake for The Hunt? I think I got my first camera when I was 18, so I have been filming for about 10 years or so. My friend, Andrew Lazaruk, asked me a year ago if I had heard of The Hunt. I feel like I was one of the last to hear of it. He mentioned that I should try to produce a section if they did it again. I actively looked into it but found no one available to film, so I kind of lost hope. A few days before July, Jake texted me and asked if I was interested in filming his part. I was ecstatic and said, “yes, for sure!” The catch was that we had four weeks to get it done, with him working full time and me usually being gone on the weekends. Seeing Chad Kerley’s section from the year before…we knew the competition would be tough and we had to get bangers done.

What’s it like working with a rider like Jake? It seems like anytime the camera’s out, he doing something heavy. Filming with Jake is one of the best times to be had. He’s so positive and motivating. When I get a text from him the night before asking if I’m free the next day, I get excited like a little kid. We drive spot to spot and get things done. It’s my absolute favorite thing to do. 99% of what I call out or he calls out just gets done and it’s jaw dropping to say the least. He’s one of the most underrated riders I have ever met.

What kind of setup did you use to film this section? I used two Canon T2is, one with a 50mm on the tripod, as well as a 18-55mm for filming rolling skateboard shots. I also have an 8mm Rokinon and a Glidecam 2000. I also have a track system but decided not to use it. I must add that I hate filming with DSLRs. They are ergonomically terrible to film with…I just can’t afford something with the same quality in a full size camera.

Any particularly good stories about filming for this section? Every single day was an adventure for sure. Like I said before, we had 4 weeks. He came once a week and on the last week he came twice. His starter in his truck went out twice in 4 weeks, so we found ourselves compression starting the truck every single place we stopped. Which meant at every store, gas station and spot…we were out pushing it like goons for the get away.

What are you working on in the future? Anything again with Jake? We put out two smaller edits since and are just about half way done with another. I think we are just going to continue this train ride till we can’t anymore. I really hope people are pumped on what we create and are ready to see a lot more!

Who are a few influences on your filming? Shad Johnson–Blueprint made me want to make videos. I have seen it close to 200 times from start to finish. Dakota Roche was probably the biggest influence. I was fortunate enough to spend almost every day for just about 2 years with him. We studied filming like it was our lives. We just share info we found from sites like…also, tips we found Googling on the internet. Nowadays I would say Ryan Navazio. I sort of base a ton of filming I do off what he does. Fortunately for me he tolerates me bugging him with questions and comments. I honestly take very small pieces of everyone that I think kills it at filming and try and create my own thing.

Any last words, thanks, shout outs? Shad, thanks for putting up with me for so many years. Navaz, thank you for be blunt and not pulling punches when I ask. Dakota, you’re still one of my favorites, Thanks for getting me to where I am. My father for believing in me with whatever I do. All my friends and family. Every single one of you play an Important part in my life and help more then you know. My beautiful fiance for putting up with me and busting her butt so I am able to have my business and be free when needed. Jake for trusting me and asking me to film and starting this wonderful ride. Kosman for pushing the sport, and Ride for years and years of entertainment! Any one I missed, I’m sorry but you should know how important you are.