Photo Gallery: Lukáš Oujeský

It’s not often that we see photos from the Czech Republic, let alone a gallery of them (there are some shots in here from Barcelona too, which is just an awesome bonus, really), so we were pretty excited when Lukáš Oujeský sent over these images. English is a second language for Lukáš, which is pretty apparent in his answers, but when it comes to great photography, words aren’t needed anyway. —Z.

Name: Lukáš Oujeský
Hometown: Brno, Czech Republic
Years shooting: 4

Lukáš Oujeský Photo Gallery
Lukáš Oujeský Photo Gallery
Lukáš Oujeský Photo Gallery
Lukáš Oujeský Photo Gallery
Lukáš Oujeský Photo Gallery
Lukáš Oujeský Photo Gallery
Lukáš Oujeský Photo Gallery
Lukáš Oujeský Photo Gallery
Lukáš Oujeský Photo Gallery
Lukáš Oujeský Photo Gallery
Lukáš Oujeský Photo Gallery
Lukáš Oujeský Photo Gallery
Lukáš Oujeský Photo Gallery
Lukáš Oujeský Photo Gallery

Describe where you are from? And where you are currently living?
I’m from Brno. It’s second biggest city it the Czech Republic, but it’s still like bigger village. Now we make big transfer, with my girl, to the capital city, Prague. There we are living about half a year.

How did you get your start in photography?
Four years ago I got my first DSLR and I was captive.

Do you have any formal schooling, training, assisting experience?
Unfortunately, I haven't got anyone in my family or friend who shooting. Sometimes I send my pictures to someone who make photography for long time and he make me some critics. From the new school year I start study photography on the collage, that's I hope that I learn some classic photography discipline like landscape or still life.  And after I could apply new knowledge to my work.

What is the BMX scene like in the Czech Republic? And how do you think it has shaped you as a photographer?
For Czech street BMX scene doing pretty much Pofel BMX crew, I think. Under the leadership of Czech street BMX legend MRW. It is a little group of four riders plus big group of friends and fans. They making some good streets contests, trips to all of the Europe. Last year they make street camp at Barcelona. For me is the most important crew, which I always like cooperate with. In Czech Republic we have also well known riders like Michal Beran, Ondra Šléz, Dominik Nekolný.

Other than Barcelona, where else have you traveled to for BMX?
Most trips I was making with Pofel BMX, but mostly I am not tripping so often. We were at Barcelona for two times and one trip was in Budapest, Viena, and Bratislava.

Where are some places you'd like to visit, and why?
I really would like go to some places which aren't places where people usually riding. For example I see some video and photos from Volcom trip to India and it was simply amazing. Near Czechia exist so many places where we can go, for example Turkey, Lithuania, Belarus…. At many places is possible make really good trips, but I haven't got a lot of money and lot of riders. Now I plan trip to UK Manchester to shooting one of the Czech skate rider who live there. And of course I really want to go to USA.

Quick breakdown of your gear…
Currently I have in my bag Nikon D700 and secondary Nikon D90 with Nikon 28-70mm f2.8, 80-200mm f2.8, 50mm f1.8, Pc-e 85mm f2.8 (the newest one, you can’t see any images in gallery), Nikon 16mm f2.8. Elinchrom Ranger Quadra is also new. Some systems flashes, Pocket Wizards, filters…

What are some other items on your wish list?
Every thing have is secondhand. Now, I actually have everything what I need for capturing nice photos, but I shoot very often, so it will be best components change, but for new pieces.

Can you describe your photography style?
I really love the light. Till time, I start shooting pictures, I really change way I look on world, light is playing with it all the time. Without light photo doesn't exist. If I shooting action I use flashes many times. Natural light is better for example in street photography, in my way. It's discipline where people taking photos of interesting things and people where he met every day. One street photograher wrote book, it was about best weather to shooting street and it is cloudy. I shoot mainly in snowfall or sunshine.

Is there one aspect that you obsess over most… sharpness, composition, lighting, etc?No, I trying keep every aspect of good image. Usually, I often use flashes.

Who or what inspires you?
I like many photographers and trying study their work. Also I googling unknown action photographers and study their work. In Czech we have also some really good photographers like David Blazek, Jirka Pařízek, or Dan Vojtěch. I hope sometimes I will be good like these guys.

Beyond BMX, what else do you shoot?
Everything. Skate, snowboard, MTB, street, wedding…

How does that compare to shooting BMX?
The nearest discipline is skate or snowboard. BMX is the most-simple discipline for shooting. In skateboarding is everything taking so long and in street snowboarding is problem catch snow in our city.

Are you currently working on any projects? And where can we see more of your work?
Now I am shooting snowboarding in the streets in Prague, there is a lot of snow, actually for a few days. Its little bit hard, because all of us have a daytime job, so we shooting until dawn, usually to 4 am. I hope that people will appreciate it. If you want see my other photos, visit my web page and the best way to see news is like my fun page.