One Hot Products of 2013

While there are plenty of generic, “order from the catalog in black, blue, and red” companies and products out there today, there are still the amazing companies of BMX who are doing cool things and genuinely trying to do something different and progressive. Let’s take a look at some of the products that have caught my eye and are sure to be seen on plenty of bikes sometime in 2013.

Eclat’s Blind Freecoaster
Breaking away from traditional freecoaster designs, Eclat has been working on their design from the ground up. I’m no product designer by any means and won’t pretend to know what I’m talking about technically speaking. However, there are plenty of freecoaster users that have high hopes for this project and it looks like Eclat’s finally nailed down a unique design that can handle the abuse of freestyle riding and still roll smooth. These things are still not available, but you can pre-order one from Albe’s.

Sean Sexton’s signature stem.

Odyssey Sean Sexton & Tom Dugan Stems
Odyssey’s Austin riders know how to do it right when it comes to designing a signature part. Chase Hawk’s signature 512 sprocket is one fine piece of machined aluminum and Sean Sexton and Tom Dugan’s new signature stems continue on the legacy. Sean’s signature stem is of the top loading design, with Tom sticking to the traditional front loading style. For years, Odyssey’s stems seemed to be either ultra high tech (Elementary) or the exact opposite (Classic designs)–naturally, the Sexton and Dugan stems sit very comfortably and round out the Odyssey lineup, using traditional technology but with a sleek and refined look.  Though a very limited number are now available, it looks like you’re going to have to wait a short while for them to be readily stocked in bike shops and mailorders.

Credence Frame & Bars
Clint Reynolds has created one hell of a presence for himself in BMX without putting a single bit of conscious effort into it. The antithesis of a narcissist, Clint was a bit reluctant to “legitimize” Credence as a bike brand, and thankfully, Chris Moeller and S&M were happy to meet him halfway, without much compromise needed from either party. The solution they worked out is a pretty damn perfect one–Clint gets to oversee and help with production of the frames in Santa Ana, California and the riders out there who want to ride the embodiment of the Credence spirit won’t have to wait until Clint goes back to New Hampshire for the summer to get their frames. Live free or die!

Clint tacking on some welds at the S&M warehouse. Photo: S&M

Profile/S&M Wrap Hubs
Riders with the aim to keep their bike as American made as possible have long gone with an S&M frame, fork, bar, and stem combo, with Profile components. For these types of riders, the new Profile/S&M wrap hubs are an American wet dream. Though it’s not a new design, it’s a damn good looking wrap and just another reason to keep it local. S&M dropped a sneak preview of these online just before Christmas and said that they were being made.

Odyssey Keychain
Never satisfied with the status quo, the OTX Design department always has some sort of wild, futuristic product in the wings and for 2013, the Keychain is one of these products. While the typical 510 design still does the trick just fine, the Keychain improves on the design with hollow pins that have a larger diameter (more strength) and a 3mm threaded master link and 3mm half link that eliminate the need for a chain breaker. Pretty cool–another good idea from the Odyssey camp.

Fiend Ty Morrow Frame
Fiend pro Ty Morrow gets his own signature frame from the company this year and it’s a nod to both Fiend’s company mentality and Ty’s unique personality. The geometry on the frame is pretty average (even big for today’s standards) with a 13.7″ rear end (when slammed) and sizes between 20.5″ and 21.25″. The color is will undoubtedly become a collector’s item in the future with “hammertone bronze” being an option alongside black, with matching bars and forks to boot.

Animal BPE Pedal
Best Pedal Ever? Half joke, half seriousness from the Animal crew, the BPE features a unique design that allows for replacement of the pedal body, much like a sleeved plastic peg. An oversized spindle also aims to eliminate bending. After some prototyping these are finally available at your local Animal dealer.

Stolen Silencer Peg
Sean Morr’s signature peg through the company utilizes Thermalite technology for extended peg life, and the longer length helps on ever popular peg tricks like crooked grinds. Sean told us in his Ride BMX interview that the pegs have been on his bike longer than any other plastic peg–hit up your shop or favorite mailorder if you’re looking to give these a try.

Pedal Driven’s Kool Thing Frame
DIY or die! Dave Harrison of FBM fame may have moved on from the company but he’s far from done with creating some badass BMX machines. His new Pedal Driven “Kool Thing” frame is far from trendy and is a sure bet for those that just can’t find what they want and need from a BMX company these days. A 74.5 degree headtube, 13.75″ rear end, nine inch standover and double gussets speak to the riders that don’t need an ultra tech street machine or featherlight bike–the kind of riders that need a DIY project like Pedal Driven to exist.

Fit Mac Looseball Pedals
In the era of plastic and herds of sheep-like followers, I like the way Shawn McIntosh thinks with his products–aiming high for strength, good looks and practicality. His signature Mac pedal is already pretty badass, but at the cost of a high price tag due to the quality, but expensive sealed bearings. Fortunately for all the Shawn Mac fans out there that can’t afford to drop $75 on pedals, an unsealed version is in the works, as shown on Shawn’s bike on the Fit website.