One Hot Product: Spring 2013 Apparel Guide

It’s already mid March and Spring is right around the corner for much of the world. Temperatures are rising and days of cruising around in tees more than sweatshirts and jacket are at hand, so see what your favorite BMX companies have to offer for the new season.

Kink has another full line of offerings for the new season. Photo: KInk BMX

Kink’s Spring 2013 apparel line offers eight tee shirt designs, a few tanks, mesh shorts, and two models of jeans. Kink’s definitely stepped it up apparel wise in the past couple of years and this is another solid collection. They’ve even added some cut and sew pieces into the mix which is always cool–check through their full line on the Kink website.

Shadow’s Spring 2013 lineup includes a full line of dope looking tees, 3/4 sleeves, and more, but the most notable highlight has to be the DUB tee/hat/seat collaboration in there. Sparky’s brands always have a cool lookbook that isn’t just product shots–see the team hit the track and show off the new apparel above.

Subrosa’s 2013 line isn’t in 3D, like you might suspect from the front and rear covers. However, the line is still super solid–they’ve definitely changed things up over time and it’s all for the better.

Quintin has slowly moved from being solely a hat company a few short years ago and has made a serious name for themselves in the apparel world since. Supporting events like Texas Toast and putting on art shows and collaborating with some of the biggest events and brands in the industry, Quintin has made good moves fast, and their Spring 2013 line is one of their better ones yet.

Quintin Co was started as a specialty cap company in 2009 and has now turned into a full fledged apparel brand.  With detailed tops, bottoms and outerwear, Quintin Co looks at expanding their audience and maintain a look and feel of a true Los Angeles based Culture brand. 


Odyssey’s Spring 2013 apparel improves on their strong lines from the previous few seasons and comes through with another solid collection. See what they’ve got to offer in a flipbook shot by recently appointed team manager Walter Pieringer, where they shred a ditch and get their model on.

FBM’s image as a whole has gotten back to basics as of lately and their Spring 2013 apparel is no different. Raw designs with classic FBM imagery with a pizza design in the mix are sure to keep the company’s fans happy and continue on the FBM tradition.