One Hot Product: Odyssey Aloha PC Pedals

Anything atypical is interesting, so when Odyssey dropped their new floral-pattern Aloha PC Pedals, the response online was pretty outrageous. So, we hit up Odyssey’s go-to-guy Jim Bauer to get some more info on ’em….

When were the PC Pedals first released? 

They've essentially gone un-changed all these years, correct? 
Shape wise, yes. But material wise, no. They were originally an inexpensive pedal, and plastics in BMX are not where they are now. When they became a popular pro level pedal we updated the Spindle material to be as strong as possible, and have experimented with better plastic materials to get them where they are today. They are still very inexpensive, but the materials being used are a big improvement when compared to the original pedals from '96.

If you can estimate, how many color options have the PC Pedals come in over the years? 
Probably 63 different colors by my calculations.

The floral Aloha colorway is obviously an atypical choice for BMX; where'd you get the idea from? 
Many patterns that look good flat do not look good wrapped around 3D object and some that look "bad" flat, look good wrapped around a 3D object. We liked the Hawaiian shirt style, and it looked good in a 3D Shape. We just like Hawaiian print, too. It's as simple as we think it's cool.

The response has been great, right? 
Totally, they were sold out as soon as the shipment landed. "Sold out" just means we are out and won't get more, but that still means they are in shops all over the world, for now. Shops can call all of our distros to see if they have any. QBP, J&B, SBS and Custom.

Are new color options difficult to come up with or is it more recycling colors from years past that you've seen/done before? 
It is hard to do something that has NEVER been done, but new materials and processes come about every once in a while. Sometimes it's just what we think will work at a given time. I have had similar samples to the Alohas for four years now. We just thought now was right timing. Color in general comes in and out of fashion as the wind blows.

Want to explain the process of creating the floral pattern? 
It is called water transfer, which is not a new process. The floral material is floated top of still water and the item is slowly dropped into the water bath and it wraps around the item, if done right.

Are there plans to do more parts in the Aloha design? 
Always an option. Other companies probably already have plans to…

They're available now, correct? 
Yes, in stores now. Shipping randomly, so you get whatever you get when it comes to the three Aloha styles. If you are lucky, your local shop will get all three and you can choose which one, if you are so inclined.

Anything else I'm missing?
Everyone, shoot a photo for Instagram and #alohapedals when you get them…